September 2, 2014
Well, what can i say? The live in Revolution Riot is never boring, there are always things happening. Once you think you have it all figured out, something comes flying out from left field to surprise you.

We had one hell of a gig at Anchor a few weeks back. After we did soundcheck we got approached by the club owner who said that there were some guests in the audience that wanted to play a song on our equipment as special guests before we started our set. We answered our normal: "Hell no, keep their filthy paws of our stuff!!". Then he said: "It is Joel, the singer from Airbourne (Australia) - three guys from the band are here and got inspired to play due to the soundcheck". When Joel peeked into the backstage room we understood that it was no hoax. "Hell yeah, you can play!", we all shouted. They went on stage and ripped into "Cheap Wine, cheaper women" and the place just exploded. A fantastic start to an awesome evening. You can find pics and videoclips from the evening on our Facebook page.

A few days ago our drummer, Mr. Becker, told us what he has been thinking of for some time now. The passion for drumimg has not been as big as it used to and we wanted to quit. We are very sad to see him go, but respect his decision. We wish him all the best!!

This left the drumstool open for a crazy blast from the past to once again beat the crap out of the drumset, drumriser, bandmates and whoever deemed worthy. Guess who????

January 7,2014
Not only did the Rock'n roll geek show mention us - a cool podcast show called "Decibel geek show" played our stuff at the end of last year. Check it out here. We got the offer to play at Club Asylum in Stockholm and of course we jumped at the occation - it is time to get the cobwebs off. We will play there tomorrow, January 8th after 10PM. If you have the possibility to come down - do it, we'll rock your socks off!

October 21, 2013
If you have not checked it out yet, have a listen to the Rock´n Roll geek podcast show ( a cool layed back show about anything and everything Rock´n roll, really cool stuff.

And, of course, a shout out to Tom Smoke who sent him an email requesting material from the new Dregen album aswell as your favouite RevRiot boys =)
You can hear the podcast here:

A sip of nice Tekate to you, Michael!!

March 27, 2013
Yes, yes we know - we should update this page more often.
I hope you like our facebook page to see all the day-to-day mumbo-jumbo. It is a new year! We've had some nice vacation, rested up over the holidays and are ready for what 2013 will bring. We are recording the extra guitar tracks, extra vocals and all the other tidbits and everything is coming along great - this lion can still roar!!

We want to come out and show you all our new songs and see what you like, hang out and have a good time. So please tell your local venue, or clubowner to contact us and, hopefully, we will see you stageside in the near future!
Cheers! // Fisch 

September 26, 2012
It is interesting how things turn out!!
We entered the studio to record a few songs, as stated before.
Things were going great and the songs sounded awesome. We sat down and had a think and a talk and suddely we were well into the recording of the whole next album. On youtube you can see a clip where we have recorded the drum/bas/rythm guitar for one of the songs. It has not been mixed or filtered at all, it is just straight from the source, through the table on to the harddrive. Have a listen here!!

We have also uploaded a bunch of pics from Trädgårdsrocken on to our flickr account. Click the link on the righthand side here and have a look!

And finally - if you have not liked us on facebook yet, please do!
That way you will not miss any of the day to day updates, comments and, that gives us the possibility to see who you are and reach you fast and effectivelly.

August 31, 2012
Time flies when you are having fun. The festival gig was a
blast. You can see some pictures and comments on the facebook page. We played at Club Dislocated this weekend
and that was a crowded, hot powderkeg of a gig - awesome!
Next weekend (or the one after that) we will go into the studio
and try out some of the songs that has not yet been recorded.
If everything pans out the way we hope, it will lead to a longer stay in the studio to get all songs recorded. Hopefully we will have a little treat for you here on hte webpage in a few weeks. A taste of what is to come.

July 26, 2012
The merchandize page has been updated with more goods and some designs have been updated. Check it out!

We have two gigs booked in August so far. The festival "Tr�dg�rdsrocken 2012" in Tungelsta (Aug 11) and at Club Dislocated in Stockholm (Aug 25). Visit or Facebook page for more info.
Hope to see you there!

June 15, 2012
We have added our new merchandize section at spreadshirt. You can now order some nice t-shirts to show the world what band you love.
More products will be added in the future.
Check it out here

March 7, 2012
New year, new drummer and new gigs.

We've got a new drummer - Mr. Simon Becker!
Simon comes form the same side of town as the rest of us, has been playing in bands we know and have been moving in the same circles as us. When we were in need of a cool drummer, luck, fate or whatever you'd like to call it, arranged so that Simon was available.
He came down to the rehersal studio and magic was in the making right away. We are now rehearsing the songs that we usually play in the live set and he is knocking them out of the park, one by one.

We have booked a gig at Copperfields in Stockholm on April 20.
So, show up, rock out and give Simon a big welcome.
More info on Simon and the gig coming soon.
See ya!!

February 8, 2012
All of you that is following us on Facebook might have seen the message Tommie posted a few days ago. He has decided to move on and work on other projects. We are sad to see him leave the band of which he has been a driving force for over a decade, but we send him a enourmous thank you and wish him luck pursuing new challenges.

The rest of us are deadset in our "never say die"-attitude and will continue rockin and rollin. We have a few aces up our sleeves so stay tuned for more info about our plans!!

Dec 12, 2011

Hi all, just wanted to remind you all that our former brother-in-arms; Skinny Disco and the boys in Deathstars are out touring Europe together with Rammstein. If you have a chance to see the show - see it, it is just awesome!!

We wanna take the opportunity to say Marry Chistmass to everyone and thanks for all the support this year!, and for all the Stockholm based Riot heads - see you at Pub Anchor on December 28th

Dec 2, 2011
....and just to make things even more intreresting - we put some more songs up for sale, but the price is the same. You can now get 7 hits for the price of $3.99. Visit the store here

Dec 1, 2011
Are you happy and absolutelly oozing with joy that you can listen to our songs on the webpage again? Of course you are!! If you can not get enough of the demos, you can actually buy them and listen to them over and over on your phone, ipod, ipad, computer or what ever freakin device you wanna use. For the measly price of $ 3.99 you can make it happen!! That is less that one buck per song
Visit the store here

The gig on Dec 28th is on. We are opening up for the band Dynazty - so help us tear the place appart!!

Nov 28, 2011
As I wrote before we have been contacted by WaterAid about contributing to raise money. They wondered if they could get a signed t-shirt for bidding on Tradera (Swedish version of e-bay)
So here is a glimpse of it:

So spend some of your beer money on a good cause - help the people of Pakistan to get a drink. For more info, click here:
T-shirt on Tradera

Nov 18, 2011
Hey all you people out there!
You migth have thought that we had gone belly up? That�s a negative!
The webserver died and all the content with it. It took us a while between dayjobs and other chores to start the resurection of the site, that has been on the back burner - but not anymore!

We have been rehearsing the new material and it is coming along good. We�ve had a gig at Harry B. James - Stockholms rockbar of choice in the end of September. It was a lot of fun and some old friends made us play some really old songs - it is always a fun challenge trying to remember the songs while playing them live.

"Finnished playing, bring on the beer"

We have also been approached by WaterAid about helping raising money. More about this later..

There has been a buzz about us playing at Anchor Bar i Stockholm on December 28. We�ll doublecheck that everything is set and get back to you on that one - stay tuned and warm up your vocal cords.